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Are you interested in seeing which projects we have successfully implemented for other companies? We are pleased to present you a choice of our achievements.

Latest Projects

Introduction of standardised lifecycle management for an automotive OEM

When new IT systems are being introduced and integrated into an existing IT system landscape, the greatest challenge is always to ensure a smooth transition to operations. Among other things, this requires stringent IT lifecycle management. In this case, compliance with applicable Group regulations and guidelines had to be specifically ensured, e.g. with regard to the preparation of software validation procedures and the initiation of IT security release processes. With the introduction of standard IT processes and consistent documentation, BLSG’s experts created the foundation for continuous lifecycle management of the systems.

Proof of concept for an SAP system in automotive pre-production

Within the scope of this project, a proof of concept was created for an automotive OEM’s future pre-series SAP system. For this, the actual process in production was first analysed, especially with regard to IT support. The main challenge was to map the up to 60 IT systems with the associated use cases as closely as possible to the SAP standard and yet still design efficient processes. A visualised target process and an IT system development including transition phases were conceived. The big picture made it possible for several sub-projects with a total of more than 30 project participants to work in a focused manner and still guarantee continuous E2E processes (e.g. purchase-to-pay).

Introduction of lean manufacturing at the leading maker of door hinge systems

Reducing throughput time by 80% by introducing lean manufacturing was the goal of the leading producer of door hinge systems. This was accomplished, but the team comprising customer employees and BLSG consultants managed to achieve even more: delivery reliability and service levels were improved, inventories were reduced and the flow rate in production stages across two locations was increased. Along the way there, data and IT processes were analysed and adapted and various Kaizen measures implemented. Outside the core team, lean thinking was also promoted throughout the company in individual consultations and workshops (e.g. on setup optimisation through SMED).

Transparency in critical product start-ups and delivery situations

Within a few weeks, BLSG process experts analysed an automotive supplier using value stream and PEP analyses. On the basis of the findings obtained, a detailed action plan was developed to realise the potential of a new vehicle project.

KPI-board connected supply chain at a leading freight forwarding company

An international freight forwarding company was selected by an OEM as a pilot freight forwarder for a project called “Connected Supply Chain”. The aim of this project was to provide the OEM with an ETA (estimated time of arrival) of the delivering trucks every 5 minutes based on GPS data. The OEM divided the project into three phases, the hypercare phase, stabilisation phase and series operation, which lasted a total of 16 weeks. To ensure process and data quality, approx. 30 key performance indicators (KPIs) were defined for these phases, e.g. each status message transmitted by a truck should contain a geo-location. To do so, BLSG’s experts developed a KPI board in cooperation with the client. The data recorded by the trucks was accessed by means of various SQL queries. To be able to influence the KPIs, one or more reports were created for each KPI. These reports provided detailed information that was used to derive subsequent measures.