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Are you interested in seeing which projects we have successfully implemented for other companies? We are pleased to present you a choice of our achievements.

Latest Projects

Review value stream concept at an automotive supplier in Ostrava

A customer that BLSG has been able to provide input for value stream-oriented production planning on several occasions in the past few years. A project in which the client has now for the first time applied the jointly developed procedures and methods on its own initiative. A production concept that is now to undergo a critical review.
A rather untypical assignment for BLSG consultants, who are not accustomed to judging a concept in the manner of a jury. The result was a workshop in which the interdisciplinary team worked out a number of findings: the certainty that they were on the right track, as well as good, practical approaches for improving gaps and weak points in the current planning status, which in the end was exactly what the client wanted.

Creation of a requirement profile for an adaptable factory

In modern automobile production, factories must constantly be adapted to changing products and technologies. This raises the question of how to design factory structures flexible enough for product changes and at the same time able adjust to changing market and technology conditions. BLSG’s experts drew up requirement profiles and analysed the weak points of factory planning and factory structure. The vision of a versatile factory including suitable implementation strategies was the result.

Redesign of order processing at a medical technology manufacturer

How can order lead time from initial customer enquiry to delivery be radically reduced? In a heterogeneous portfolio ranging from series products to custom-made products, it is essential to establish clear standards in both administrative and value-adding processes. BLSG’s experts documented the target processes in detail and introduced comprehensive key figure reporting. In the end, their accurate implementation support and intensive transformation management resulted in a customer order process with improved lead times.

Warehouse and logistics planning with start-up support for vehicle batteries

New products present companies with new challenges. A good example of this is logistics planning for batteries: the regulations for fire protection, container weights and contamination tolerance have changed. From conceptual design and tendering to start-up, from warehouse dimensioning to the planning of picking processes and layout. In all of these phases the BLSG consultants provided valuable support for a major German logistics service provider.

Planning a new factory in the automotive sector

That BLSG consultants are experts in analysing existing production and logistics processes has often been proved. But planning an entirely new factory was a special challenge. In a multi-stage acquisition process, an automotive supplier was supported in redesigning its production facility. The customer, a newly founded joint venture, was presented a sustainable and competitive production and logistics concept, making it well prepared not only for this but for future projects as well.

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