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Logistical start-up support for new vehicle projects (parts lists and call-offs)

In order to secure the production start-up of seats for several new vehicle models, BLSG’s experts, together with the supplier’s parts list engineers, developed a variety of tools and then used them in their daily work. For example, customers’ parts lists can now be compared with the supplier’s parts lists. The aim was to obtain parts lists of the right quality and to establish precisely tailored communication between parts list engineers and the customer. By means of several key performance indicators (e.g. for parts list accuracy) a weekly check of success was introduced. In addition, a LAB tool was developed which compares delivery schedules over a longer period of time and checks them for relevance using customized criteria: Is the number of left and right seats the same? Are the part numbers correct? Are the thresholds, e.g. the maximum number of seats that can be called off, correct? This analysis made it possible to improve communication with the customer and eliminate any inconsistencies.