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Optimization of the Car Seat Supply Chain

Yard vehicles due to missing parts, extremely high costs due to special freight and acceleration measures, intensive manual bottleneck management and high inventories that lead to scrapping costs when changes occur.

What root causes lead to problems in complex supply chains?

What is needed to ensure efficiency and transparency within a multi-tier supply chain from the product development process through ramp-up to stable operation?

The answers are complex and can only be worked out with an interdisciplinary team. With the support of BLSG and in dialog with participating suppliers, a number of elementary measures have been defined and implemented at an automotive OEM:

  • Structured supply chain design,
  • greater transparency as the basis for targeted supply chain management,
  • a structured and disciplined change process,
  • adjustments in product variance and improvements in program forecasting

– all of these contribute to stability in complex supply chains!