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Increasing efficiency by optimising an automotive supplier’s shop floor

How in a short time can several plants in different countries be uniformly assessed and potential savings identified and implemented? That’s a tricky task that requires special measures.Read more

Global roll-out of our Deep Dive Program for an automotive supplier

The slowdown in car manufacturing has sent shockwaves throughout the global automotive industry, resulting in excess capacity across the automotive supply chain and a pressure to quickly boost performance and reduce costs.

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Design, planning and implementation of logistics and production-related measures to increase efficiency in an Eastern European plant manufacturing customised automotive wiring harnesses

How do you help a large foreign plant that is experiencing structural economic problems? In this situation, an automotive supplier with global reach drew on the support of a team of consultants with a broad range of competencies – a team that included BLSG AG, which was responsible for the entire operational aspect. For six months, we closely examined all operational production and logistics processes. Together with the operational managers, we devised and implemented measures which increased efficiency in almost all areas by double-digit percentages.

Analysis of potential and planning of measures for shop floor optimisation at Eastern European and American locations to increase the efficiency of an operational excellence program for an automotive supplier

As part of an optimisation program, we identified measures and potential in the operational field at several international sites. Our consultants conducted expert interviews with executives, determined production and logistics KPIs and evaluated processes using lean assessment tools. They worked closely with specialists from the client’s corporate functions, and in this way were able to expand their technical and methodological capacities.