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Implementation of SAP S/4 Hana for the production of electric vehicles and batteries

The transformation from combustion engine to the battery-powered electric motor poses major challenges for the automotive industry. In the course of this, numerous new production sites are being built for the manufacture of e-vehicles.

A trend-setting decision in this context is the IT system design of such a new plant. To identify the optimal system, BLSG supported a German premium OEM in the selection of the ERP for production & logistics. In addition to FIT/GAP analyses based on master process lists, various scenarios were evaluated and compared based on specific criteria (e.g. costs, resources, opportunities, risks, etc.).

The final scenario, which is technically feasible and meets the requirements, is based on SAP S4 Hana. The approval process for the budget as well as the required resources was supported by BLSG through various committees up to board level.

Introduction of standardised lifecycle management for an automotive OEM

When new IT systems are being introduced and integrated into an existing IT system landscape, the greatest challenge is always to ensure a smooth transition to operations. Among other things, this requires stringent IT lifecycle management. In this case, compliance with applicable Group regulations and guidelines had to be specifically ensured, e.g. with regard to the preparation of software validation procedures and the initiation of IT security release processes. With the introduction of standard IT processes and consistent documentation, BLSG’s experts created the foundation for continuous lifecycle management of the systems.

Proof of concept for an SAP system in automotive pre-production

Within the scope of this project, a proof of concept was created for an automotive OEM’s future pre-series SAP system. For this, the actual process in production was first analysed, especially with regard to IT support. The main challenge was to map the up to 60 IT systems with the associated use cases as closely as possible to the SAP standard and yet still design efficient processes. A visualised target process and an IT system development including transition phases were conceived. The big picture made it possible for several sub-projects with a total of more than 30 project participants to work in a focused manner and still guarantee continuous E2E processes (e.g. purchase-to-pay).

Simulative evaluation of alternative supply chain scenarios for different manufacturing locations of a JIS production of complete seats at an automotive supplier

Innovative supply chain concepts, such as long distance delivery, are in demand among automotive suppliers, even for complex JIS scopes. A supply chain simulation can help, especially in the acquisition process, to evaluate different scenarios in terms of supply and costs and to ensure competitiveness.

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Simulation of the production control of a battery production at an automotive OEM

A new product, a highly automated new manufacturing concept, new IT systems that have to be integrated into an existing system landscape, new requirements for safety and fire protection, the first internally manufactured component at the site that has to be delivered to JIS – so much uncharted territory harbours high risks and poses great challenges for the planning departments.

Proof of the efficiency of the control concept, worked out by BLSG operations experts, is now provided by an extensive information and material flow simulation.

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