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Versatility as a success factor for automotive factory structures – simulation parameter study

Automotive manufacturers are constantly faced with numerous challenges. Over the product life cycle of a vehicle, markets and demand change. And with new product features and production technologies, the demands on the factory are also changing. The adaptability of factory structures has been investigated and simulated as part of an industry-oriented research project. And adaptability is more than just flexibility. The latter is the ability to change at the time of planning. Versatility, on the other hand, is the potential to make changes beyond the previously defined limits, if necessary. Adaptability therefore means a reactive shift of the flexibility corridors.

Introduction of a fully integrated IT system and a robust logistics organisation

This assignment involved supporting a vehicle project in its ramp-up phase while also designing and introducing a new IT system including all logistics processes for a company that is spread across three countries. The long-term goal: an A rating from an automotive OEM. The consultants at BLSG rose to this challenge. Planning, programming, implementation and testing were managed by an interdisciplinary team in agile scrum mode.