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Planning a new factory in the automotive sector

That BLSG consultants are experts in analysing existing production and logistics processes has often been proved. But planning an entirely new factory was a special challenge. In a multi-stage acquisition process, an automotive supplier was supported in redesigning its production facility. The customer, a newly founded joint venture, was presented a sustainable and competitive production and logistics concept, making it well prepared not only for this but for future projects as well.

You can find out what challenges are involved in planning a new factory with a variety of logistics scenarios and related calculations, and how these are solved here.       Read more

Lean production: process and layout planning to extend the buildings of a medical technology manufacturer

Great opportunities don’t come along every day. Our client, a successful medical technology manufacturer, has recognised and seized one such opportunity. The extension of the company plant to an unused factory building directly next door offered the chance to use the insourcing of logistics processes and the relocation of the assembly building to support lean best-practice logistics processes with modern equipment and to roll them out across all areas. BLSG provided advice and support for the general and detailed logistics concept and layout planning.

Planning and implementation of production control for a new production site

What can a young company do when its own success exceeds its capacities and it requires new production space? In such a situation, it is not easy to develop a material flow, information flow and layout concept based on lean production principles. There tends to be a lack of experience and know-how, with staff already heavily challenged by the constantly growing daily business.

Our client, a high-tech manufacturer of sensors, called on BLSG to help them master this situation. A concept for all production, logistics and order control processes, including layout, was then developed in intensive workshops. Variable and capable of growth, this concept meets the requirements of increased production volumes and at the same time represents an evolutionary step towards lean production. The BLSG consultants were present at crucial moments during and after the move to assure a smooth launch of the new processes in the new production facility.

Development of a target picture of an ideal factory from the perspective of digitalization

How will the ideal factory of a leading automotive supplier look in 2025? Experts from the fields of production, logistics, quality assurance and IT, moderated by BLSG consultants, were commissioned by management to answer this question. In addition to developing a target image of the ideal factory, the results included a maturity model for evaluating all plant sites and a roadmap for implementation.