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Lean implementation at a special machine manufacturer

What do you do when you see a need for optimization in many areas of an organization?

One good option is a comprehensive Lean Assessment by BLSG to make deficits transparent and to launch tailored improvement initiatives: We look at all areas, from lean leadership & culture to lean processes (shopfloor and administration), customer orientation and lean organization. Therefore we conduct interviews on all hierarchy levels, work out weak points with the process experts and determine and interpret relevant key performance indicators.

At a special machine manufacturer, the assessment revealed important areas for action in the project management standards, in the lack of transparency regarding deadlines and other performance KPIs, and in a lack of error and improvement culture. In an optimization project lasting several months, we were able to work together with the employees of the organization to not only solve the biggest operational problems, but also to achieve a positive change in the mood and culture of cooperation.

Introduction of lean manufacturing at the leading maker of door hinge systems

Reducing throughput time by 80% by introducing lean manufacturing was the goal of the leading producer of door hinge systems. This was accomplished, but the team comprising customer employees and BLSG consultants managed to achieve even more: delivery reliability and service levels were improved, inventories were reduced and the flow rate in production stages across two locations was increased. Along the way there, data and IT processes were analysed and adapted and various Kaizen measures implemented. Outside the core team, lean thinking was also promoted throughout the company in individual consultations and workshops (e.g. on setup optimisation through SMED).

Transparency in critical product start-ups and delivery situations

Within a few weeks, BLSG process experts analysed an automotive supplier using value stream and PEP analyses. On the basis of the findings obtained, a detailed action plan was developed to realise the potential of a new vehicle project.

Review value stream concept at an automotive supplier in Ostrava

A customer that BLSG has been able to provide input for value stream-oriented production planning on several occasions in the past few years. A project in which the client has now for the first time applied the jointly developed procedures and methods on its own initiative. A production concept that is now to undergo a critical review.
A rather untypical assignment for BLSG consultants, who are not accustomed to judging a concept in the manner of a jury. The result was a workshop in which the interdisciplinary team worked out a number of findings: the certainty that they were on the right track, as well as good, practical approaches for improving gaps and weak points in the current planning status, which in the end was exactly what the client wanted.

Redesign of order processing at a medical technology manufacturer

How can order lead time from initial customer enquiry to delivery be radically reduced? In a heterogeneous portfolio ranging from series products to custom-made products, it is essential to establish clear standards in both administrative and value-adding processes. BLSG’s experts documented the target processes in detail and introduced comprehensive key figure reporting. In the end, their accurate implementation support and intensive transformation management resulted in a customer order process with improved lead times.