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Increasing efficiency by optimising an automotive supplier’s shop floor

How in a short time can several plants in different countries be uniformly assessed and potential savings identified and implemented? That’s a tricky task that requires special measures.Read more

Global roll-out of our Deep Dive Program for an automotive supplier

The slowdown in car manufacturing has sent shockwaves throughout the global automotive industry, resulting in excess capacity across the automotive supply chain and a pressure to quickly boost performance and reduce costs.

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Simulation of the production control of a battery production at an automotive OEM

A new product, a highly automated new manufacturing concept, new IT systems that have to be integrated into an existing system landscape, new requirements for safety and fire protection, the first internally manufactured component at the site that has to be delivered to JIS – so much uncharted territory harbours high risks and poses great challenges for the planning departments.

Proof of the efficiency of the control concept, worked out by BLSG operations experts, is now provided by an extensive information and material flow simulation.

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Value stream analysis and value stream design as a basis for calculating a quotation for headrests for an automotive supplier

Value stream analysis in the acquisition phase can help in assessing the decisive percentages for a competitive offer. With a joint venture like this, things get even more interesting. Two different companies came together in an interdisciplinary workshop to design a factory. There was no blueprint for this process; standard approaches were jettisoned. That’s where the consultants from BLSG came to the rescue!

Introduction and anchoring of a lean vision, implementation of lean production and lean logistics at a mechanical engineering company

Lean management ensures competitiveness, and many in the automotive industry, and not just the major players, have long understood this. Even those low-profile, highly successful companies which strategic marketing guru Hermann Simons dubbed “hidden champions” now focus on increasing growth and profitability through lean approaches. This includes a coherent vision as well as a pragmatic approach to implementation. For this client, we were able to take factors such as OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and assembly planning to a new level through ideal line balancing and material provision.