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Introduction and anchoring of a lean vision, implementation of lean production and lean logistics at a mechanical engineering company

Lean management ensures competitiveness, and many in the automotive industry, and not just the major players, have long understood this. Even those low-profile, highly successful companies which strategic marketing guru Hermann Simons dubbed “hidden champions” now focus on increasing growth and profitability through lean approaches. This includes a coherent vision as well as a pragmatic approach to implementation. For this client, we were able to take factors such as OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and assembly planning to a new level through ideal line balancing and material provision.

Introduction of a fully integrated IT system and a robust logistics organisation

This assignment involved supporting a vehicle project in its ramp-up phase while also designing and introducing a new IT system including all logistics processes for a company that is spread across three countries. The long-term goal: an A rating from an automotive OEM. The consultants at BLSG rose to this challenge. Planning, programming, implementation and testing were managed by an interdisciplinary team in agile scrum mode.

Design, planning and implementation of logistics and production-related measures to increase efficiency in an Eastern European plant manufacturing customised automotive wiring harnesses

How do you help a large foreign plant that is experiencing structural economic problems? In this situation, an automotive supplier with global reach drew on the support of a team of consultants with a broad range of competencies – a team that included BLSG, which was responsible for the entire operational aspect. For six months, we closely examined all operational production and logistics processes. Together with the operational managers, we devised and implemented measures which increased efficiency in almost all areas by double-digit percentages.

Development of a new logistics concept for a high-tech mechanical engineering company

How can an expanding medium-sized company cope with an increasing number of product variants and increasingly complex client requirements, such as next-day delivery? State-of-the-art logistics is a key component of the solution. BLSG supported a German hidden champion in meeting this challenge.

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Design of production and logistics processes for a new production line of an existing product

An additional production site is required for a successful product that is already in production at another site. Many would simply opt for a copy-and-paste approach to this challenge. A large and successful automotive supplier was not satisfied with this, because they saw a rare opportunity not only to apply new principles and approaches, but also to test their effectiveness against the benchmark of the “old” plant.

This was the right moment to bring BLSG on board to help develop a production system that was as efficient and lean as possible.Read more