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Detailed planning and tendering of the logistics areas for the site expansion of the electronics production of a smart home manufacturer

After the successful rough planning and conceptual design of the logistics areas and processes, the implementation experts of BLSG consistently accompanied the next phase of the site expansion of the electronics production of a household appliance manufacturer.
The planning of the functional areas and processes for storage and transport in coordination with the production, construction and logistics departments are prerequisites for the successful implementation of the site expansion. The integration of the new logistics and production areas and processes into the ongoing operations and a multiplication of the production volume within the next few years represent a particular challenge.
Based on a comprehensive analysis, the logistics areas and processes were defined, dimensioned and integrated into the planned overall layout. The BLSG experts specified requirements for the storage and transport technology in order to be able to optimally store and transport raw materials and finished goods and accompanied the tender and supplier selection.
The result: A detailed layout of all logistics areas, the definition of all logistics processes in the warehouse and in production in SAP EWM, and a complete specification for the tender of all required hardware and software form the basis for the realization of the successful site expansion.