Operational excellence:
We shape the future of your production and logistics

Are you looking for hands-on experts in production and logistics who can reliably support you all over the world? With our authentic, integrative approach we will motivate your team to tackle future changes.

From conception to implementation, you can expect more from us than just achieving your goals; namely, an efficient transfer of know-how and the preparation of your team, with full control of costs. By focusing closely on maximum value creation and minimum waste in all material and information flows, we optimise your processes and ensure operational excellence.

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Deep Dive Program

Are you looking to unlock the full potential of your production facilities and manufacturing plants? Do you want to quickly assess and improve a plant´s performance from an operational, financial and organizational perspective?


Footprint Optimization

Are you looking to redesign your global manufacturing footprint? Do you want to review and optimize your current footprint from an operational excellence and customer service perspective?


Order Control

Do you have long throughput times or large inventories? Does your production process lack transparency? Do you struggle to deliver promptly to your customers? Are production orders processed in Excel bypassing your control systems?

IT Systemdesign

IT System Design

Is your company equipped to run successful IT projects? Do your operations systems support lean processes? Do your experts understand the requirements of production and logistics as well as the parameters of modern IT solutions?



How do you guarantee 100 percent security of supply despite minimal lead time between demand notification and provision of components?

Lean Management

Do you lack a recognisable value stream in your production or supply chain? Is there an absence of material flow in your layout? Do your systems have high cycle losses, set-up times and downtimes?

Ramp-up management

How can your existing team logistically master a multitude of product launches and the shortest industrialisation phases?

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Excellent consulting is a matter of teamwork

Fundamental changes are only possible if all employees are actively involved; it’s got to be a team effort, just like in football.

Since 2005, our company, based in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, has provided services in the fields of order control, lean management, ramp-up management, IT system design, JIT/JIS and simulation for leading clients from the automotive and high-tech industries.


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Interested in working on challenging international projects for the automotive industry, with plenty of
personal responsibility and a respectful, team-oriented environment? If so, you’ve come to the right place!