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Are you interested in seeing which projects we have successfully implemented for other companies? We are pleased to present you a choice of our achievements.

Success Stories

9. Jan 2024 | Operational Excellence
Introduction of LEAN philosophy at MedTech manufacturer
19. Dec 2023 | Logistics planning, site and factory planning
Conceptual design of a fully automated final assembly line (incl. 3D simulation). Design of the fully automated warehouse incl. supply by an overhead transport system.

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Detailed planning and tendering of the logistics areas for the site expansion of the electronics production of a smart home manufacturer

After the successful rough planning and conceptual design of the logistics areas and processes, the implementation experts of BLSG consistently accompanied the next phase of the site expansion of the electronics production of a household appliance manufacturer.
The planning of the functional areas and processes for storage and transport in coordination with the production, construction and logistics departments are prerequisites for the successful implementation of the site expansion. The integration of the new logistics and production areas and processes into the ongoing operations and a multiplication of the production volume within the next few years represent a particular challenge.
Based on a comprehensive analysis, the logistics areas and processes were defined, dimensioned and integrated into the planned overall layout. The BLSG experts specified requirements for the storage and transport technology in order to be able to optimally store and transport raw materials and finished goods and accompanied the tender and supplier selection.
The result: A detailed layout of all logistics areas, the definition of all logistics processes in the warehouse and in production in SAP EWM, and a complete specification for the tender of all required hardware and software form the basis for the realization of the successful site expansion.

Autostore – From dimensioning and workplace design to a finished tender document

Autostore`s automated small parts warehouses are already being used in many industries to map small parts storage in the most space-efficient way possible and to accommodate the new storage structure in existing buildings. We developed with our customer a tender document for an Autostore at their site and distributed them to suppliers. The key points in the tender document are similar to those for conventional Automated Small Parts Warehouses. The required storage spaces and the desired dynamics are determined using historical data and the growth forecast. In this project, however, the special features of an Autostore were also considered and a selection of which robots and which bins should be used was considered, as well as the connection of the storage and retrieval bins to conveyor technology in order to realize a more performant picking than with the standard modules. In addition, we defined the requirements for a possible building extension. The evenness of the floor and the accessibility to the Autostore are here of central importance.

Validation and generation of a tender document for an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS)

The introduction of automated solutions in logistics bring quick measurable results and often have a quick ROI. During our project at a construction equipment manufacturer, we investigated the potential use of an Automated Small Parts Warehouse (AS/RS). In addition to benefits such as a lower error rate and improved space efficiency, the AS/RS offers the company the advantage of a much more efficient order picking setup, reducing inventory and space requirements on the assembly line. As implementation consultants, we assisted our client in this process through all the important steps involved in evaluating and implementing an AS/RS. Starting with the determination of the needed storage space and dynamics, the conception of the storage and retrieval stacks as well as the corresponding repacking area, up to the business case calculation and the creation of presentation material as a basis for a board decision. Following the board`s go-ahead, we worked together with the team on site to draw up a tender document and assisted in the selection of suppliers and the evaluation of bids.

Logistics concepts in the beverage industry

Logistics planning in the beverage industry brings special challenges. The coordination of the very high material flows (up to 500 PAL/h) in such a concept is the central factor. Another special feature are the seasonally strongly fluctuating production figures, as well as the management of empties.
Together with our customer, we have developed and evaluated several innovative and future-oriented logistics concepts to prepare the customer for the coming decade.
Key points of our concept are the robustness, scalability and process reliability of all operations, which we ensure through the use of AGV, intelligent RFID tracking as well as automated order compilation and loading.

Digital Shopfloorboard at Medical Technology Manufacturer

How does state-of-the-art shopfloor management work? Digital, of course! But depending on the existing system landscape, different technical solutions are possible. In this case, we decided to implement the board using the BI tool Jedox for a medium-sized medical technology manufacturer. In addition to its interfaces to the ERP system, Jedox also allows direct input via customized forms. So, a digital board can be created in a short time. It is capable to link data from various sources (e.g. ERP) with manual inputs. The board then displays live key figures for the department and the company as a whole, as well as centrally managed information such as intranet news or the cafeteria menu. In addition, department-specific entries can be made – so the board can also visualize a continuous improvement process. So tasks can be recorded, assigned and scheduled. The result is not only a modern and visually appealing solution – but also one that is highly accepted by employees in practice.
As a PA business unit, we offer our customers the advantage of being a one-stop shop for the design and implementation of such digitized solutions!