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Pragmatic – measurable – sustainable

We have built our core strengths through years of practical experience and intensive training. Our experience implementing solutions helps us in conceiving new ones. We stick with you on your projects from start to finish, giving you secure and steadfast support through all phases, from planning through implementation to ramp-up validation.

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Deep Dive Program

Deep Dive Program is our action-based performance program to identify and launch improvement initiatives across the end-to-end value chain, from the arrival of raw materials until the dispatch of finished goods. Our approach is based on lean principles, employee engagement and sustainable implementation. We work together with all levels of your organization to identify new opportunities to boost performance and reduce costs.

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Footprint Optimization

We help companies assess and revise their global footprints, for virtually all facilities, from production to assembly to R&D. We developed an action-based workshop to help companies make better and faster footprint decisions. We work together with your organization to review the current set-up and define the optimal plant network to improve customer service and market penetration while maximizing returns. In recent decades many of our clients expanded quickly and added operations all over world. Today, the rapidly changing economic conditions can put manufacturers at risk of having a misaligned footprint. We are here to help you align footprints with business strategies and market realities.

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Order Control

Do you have long throughput times or large inventories? Does your production process lack transparency? Do you struggle to deliver promptly to your customers? Are production orders processed in Excel bypassing your control systems?

Our consultants will help you to redesign your production planning and control system. This, in turn, will help you to maximise efficiency and transparency in production and ensure prompt delivery to your customers. Our specialists convey both theoretical and practical know-how, which they acquired over many years in a wide variety of production environments – from workshop finishing to a tightly scheduled assembly line. They will develop, in close collaboration with you, the order control process that best meets your needs.

IT Systemdesign

IT System Design

Is your company equipped to run successful IT projects? Do your operational systems support lean processes? Do your experts understand the requirements of production and logistics as well as the parameters of modern IT solutions?

Standard IT systems often struggle to cope with individual business processes. In IT system design, we follow the principle that “system follows optimised process”; our aim is to implement an optimised business process within the IT system. We design efficient and user-friendly systems for optimised production and logistics processes. We support you as a process consultant with IT know-how, from order clarification through technical conception and definition of specifications up to the rollout and training of the users. We see ourselves as mediators and interpreters between production & logistics on the one hand and IT on the other, applying expertise from both areas.



How do you guarantee 100 percent security of supply despite minimal lead time between demand notification and provision of components?

We help you to ensure that all gears in the entire flow of material and information are smoothly interlinked across all stages of the value chain – from OEM to first tier to subcontractors. The expertise of our consultants in just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) production extends to all process stages along a JIT/JIS material supply process. This naturally also applies to the flow of information up to data telegram level in compliance with international standards (e.g. VDA, Odette).

LEAN Management

Lean Management

Do you lack a recognisable value stream in your production or supply chain? Is there an absence of material flow in your layout? Do your systems have high cycle losses, set-up times and downtimes?

We help you to identify and eliminate waste in your production and logistics processes. We break down established processes, structures or silos and encourage your employees to rethink their value stream philosophy. Our lean experts follow an implementation-oriented approach. They develop analysis results and concepts in shop floor workshops and pilot their optimisation concepts before the rollout.

Ramp-up management

How can your team logistically master a multitude of product launches and the shortest industrialisation phases with your existing team?

The goals of ramp-up management are timely availability of all components for the start of series production of a product, shortening the start of series production, ensuring transparency of deadlines and degrees of maturity, as well as minimising ramp-up costs. This includes systematic ramp-up fault management, logistical control of component changes within change management and efficient supplier tracking. Our specialists combine their expertise in production logistics with extensive ramp-up experience to bring focus and order to your ramp-up.


Project Management

Our project managers are not only equipped to manage projects; as experienced process experts, they have specific technical know-how and certified expertise in project management. They bring a wealth of experience to bear in combining classic and agile elements, thus applying a tailor-made hybrid project management approach. They plan and control your project in an implementation-oriented manner, secure deadlines and costs, lead your interdisciplinary project team, and remain your permanent contact throughout all stages of the project.



When planning new systems, how can we ensure that complex production and logistics systems function under real-life stress conditions? A material flow simulation using high-performance software offers the opportunity to evaluate different scenarios and thus provides a transparent and solid basis for decision-making. With Plant Simulation, we also apply the standards of the automotive industry. Our simulation experts also draw on expertise and experience in our fields of competence and offer simulation and process knowledge from a single source.