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Digital Shopfloorboard at Medical Technology Manufacturer

How does state-of-the-art shopfloor management work? Digital, of course! But depending on the existing system landscape, different technical solutions are possible. In this case, we decided to implement the board using the BI tool Jedox for a medium-sized medical technology manufacturer. In addition to its interfaces to the ERP system, Jedox also allows direct input via customized forms. So, a digital board can be created in a short time. It is capable to link data from various sources (e.g. ERP) with manual inputs. The board then displays live key figures for the department and the company as a whole, as well as centrally managed information such as intranet news or the cafeteria menu. In addition, department-specific entries can be made – so the board can also visualize a continuous improvement process. So tasks can be recorded, assigned and scheduled. The result is not only a modern and visually appealing solution – but also one that is highly accepted by employees in practice.
As a PA business unit, we offer our customers the advantage of being a one-stop shop for the design and implementation of such digitized solutions!