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Agile project management to design a fully automated final assembly line to manufacture a seating structure for an automotive supplier

Companies today quite rightly expect faster and better results in interdisciplinary planning teams using agile project management. However, especially in the automotive sector, such approaches must be integrated within a classic project management setting. The consultants at BLSG help to design such a hybrid approach, which – if well selected – can take advantage of both worlds.



Automotive Supplier


Development of a fully automated final assembly of a seat structure, which is expected to serve as a model for further innovation throughout the company

Integration of agile project management in a classic project management setting to achieve faster and better results in interdisciplinary planning teams


Training and qualification of the project team on agile project management

Implementation according to the SCRUM procedure:

  • Set up Scrum-Room
  • Moderation agile events
  • Support as Scrum Master
  • „On-the-job“ coaching of managers
  • Introduction KANBAN-Tool


Combining the advantages of classic and agile project management:

  • Classic : Milestones and a project plan serve as a project framework
  • Agile : Filling the framework with tasks for the team

Optimized communication process through continuous feedback and intensive exchange between all project participants