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Validation and generation of a tender document for an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS)

The introduction of automated solutions in logistics bring quick measurable results and often have a quick ROI. During our project at a construction equipment manufacturer, we investigated the potential use of an Automated Small Parts Warehouse (AS/RS). In addition to benefits such as a lower error rate and improved space efficiency, the AS/RS offers the company the advantage of a much more efficient order picking setup, reducing inventory and space requirements on the assembly line. As implementation consultants, we assisted our client in this process through all the important steps involved in evaluating and implementing an AS/RS. Starting with the determination of the needed storage space and dynamics, the conception of the storage and retrieval stacks as well as the corresponding repacking area, up to the business case calculation and the creation of presentation material as a basis for a board decision. Following the board`s go-ahead, we worked together with the team on site to draw up a tender document and assisted in the selection of suppliers and the evaluation of bids.