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Global roll-out of our Deep Dive Program for an automotive supplier

The slowdown in car manufacturing has sent shockwaves throughout the global automotive industry, resulting in excess capacity across the automotive supply chain and a pressure to quickly boost performance and reduce costs.


Automotive Supplier


With revenues falling, our client had to consider implementing rapid actions focused on workforce rightsizing, operational excellence, lean implementation and value stream optimization.


Based on our operational and industry experience, we developed an end-to-end operational and logistics transformation program for factories. The objective of the program was to rapidly identify, measure and plan improvement opportunities that were supported by the entire organization.


We conducted action-based workshops in 15+ factories across the globe. The improvement initiatives generated the following benefits.

  • Optimized direct and indirect labor
  • Overtime reduction
  • Logistics optimization
  • Footprint layout rationalization
  • OEE driven output improvement