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Planning a new factory in the automotive sector

That BLSG consultants are experts in analysing existing production and logistics processes has often been proved. But planning an entirely new factory was a special challenge. In a multi-stage acquisition process, an automotive supplier was supported in redesigning its production facility. The customer, a newly founded joint venture, was presented a sustainable and competitive production and logistics concept, making it well prepared not only for this but for future projects as well.

You can find out what challenges are involved in planning a new factory with a variety of logistics scenarios and related calculations, and how these are solved here.      


Automotive supplier


  • Planning of a best practices JIS production facility for complete seats in a high cost country
  • Short-term creation of a logistics strategy without a broad range of data for an organisation still in the process of being set up
  • Interim responsibility for logistics as part of project acquisition at a premium car manufacturer


Conceptual design of a competitive JIS production facility with associated logistics planning for a high cost location during an acquisition process


The BLSG AG team acted as the interim logistics department for the new company. Within 2 months, BLSG experts developed a tailor-made factory layout with logistics concept. In addition to the acquisition calculation by itself, a factory template and efficient tools for future customer enquiries were created. Under the sole responsibility of BLSG experts the following results were achieved:


Site planning

  • Analysis and assessment of footprint scenarios
  • Development of a best-practices factory template



  • Layoutplanning
  • Creation of a material flow matrix and inbound map

Coordination of the invitation to tender for all enquiries to suppliers of logistics-related systems such as high-bay warehouses, automated small-parts warehouses, electrical overhead conveyor systems, intralogistics, etc.

  • Conceptual design and evaluation of a variety of scenarios and business cases with recommendations for action (a variety of concepts for unloading), JIS scenarios, etc.
  • Coordination and preparation of requirement specifications (blueprints for equipment)
  • Verification of bill of material data and accumulation of logistical master data