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Simulation of the production control of a battery production at an automotive OEM

A new product, a highly automated new manufacturing concept, new IT systems that have to be integrated into an existing system landscape, new requirements for safety and fire protection, the first internally manufactured component at the site that has to be delivered to JIS – so much uncharted territory harbours high risks and poses great challenges for the planning departments.

Proof of the efficiency of the control concept, worked out by BLSG operations experts, is now provided by an extensive information and material flow simulation.

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Simulative evaluation of alternative supply chain scenarios for different manufacturing locations of a JIS production of complete seats at an automotive supplier

Innovative supply chain concepts, such as long distance delivery, are in demand among automotive suppliers, even for complex JIS scopes. A supply chain simulation can help, especially in the acquisition process, to evaluate different scenarios in terms of supply and costs and to ensure competitiveness.

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Versatility as a success factor for automotive factory structures – simulation parameter study

Automotive manufacturers are constantly faced with numerous challenges. Over the product life cycle of a vehicle, markets and demand change. And with new product features and production technologies, the demands on the factory are also changing. The adaptability of factory structures has been investigated and simulated as part of an industry-oriented research project. And adaptability is more than just flexibility. The latter is the ability to change at the time of planning. Versatility, on the other hand, is the potential to make changes beyond the previously defined limits, if necessary. Adaptability therefore means a reactive shift of the flexibility corridors.

Simulation of the production and order control of seat systems for an automotive supplier

How does the brownfield planning of a production system for an automotive supplier react to fluctuations in volume, take rates and scrap rates? BLSG provided the assurance that the concept was robust enough to deal with these stresses by simulating the production concept based on defined stress scenarios and key performance indicators.