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Value stream analysis and value stream design as a basis for calculating a quotation for headrests for an automotive supplier

Value stream analysis in the acquisition phase can help in assessing the decisive percentages for a competitive offer. With a joint venture like this, things get even more interesting. Two different companies came together in an interdisciplinary workshop to design a factory. There was no blueprint for this process; standard approaches were jettisoned. That’s where the consultants from BLSG AG came to the rescue!

Agile project management to optimise delivery performance

Given a broad range of variants and high fluctuation of orders, how can a company ensure short delivery times and optimal delivery performance in order to remain highly competitive? Our client from the medical technology industry faced this challenge.

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Agile project management to design a fully automated final assembly line to manufacture a seating structure for an automotive supplier

Companies today quite rightly expect faster and better results in interdisciplinary planning teams using agile project management. However, especially in the automotive sector, such approaches must be integrated within a classic project management setting. The consultants at BLSG AG help to design such a hybrid approach, which – if well selected – can take advantage of both worlds.Read more

Support for an automotive supplier in its worldwide lean rollout

In order to identify and realise opportunities for cost savings in production and logistics at various international locations, BLSG AG’s consultants focused on value stream analysis and design, layout planning optimised for material flow and route, and the development of an overall factory logistics concept. Following detailed planning, they also supported the implementation of the measures in the individual plants. The results and experience were then transferable to other locations.

Facilitation of a large meeting of logistics managers using the Future Conference method

How do you get a group of 70 top executives to talk about a certain topic, and, in less than two days, achieve a result that everyone can get behind? We chose the Future Conference method and developed a visionary logistics process for a major automotive supplier in consultation with logistics managers from all over the world.