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Implementation of SAP S/4 Hana for the production of electric vehicles and batteries

The transformation from combustion engine to the battery-powered electric motor poses major challenges for the automotive industry. In the course of this, numerous new production sites are being built for the manufacture of e-vehicles.

A trend-setting decision in this context is the IT system design of such a new plant. To identify the optimal system, BLSG supported a German premium OEM in the selection of the ERP for production & logistics. In addition to FIT/GAP analyses based on master process lists, various scenarios were evaluated and compared based on specific criteria (e.g. costs, resources, opportunities, risks, etc.).

The final scenario, which is technically feasible and meets the requirements, is based on SAP S4 Hana. The approval process for the budget as well as the required resources was supported by BLSG through various committees up to board level.

Lean implementation at a special machine manufacturer

What do you do when you see a need for optimization in many areas of an organization?

One good option is a comprehensive Lean Assessment by BLSG to make deficits transparent and to launch tailored improvement initiatives: We look at all areas, from lean leadership & culture to lean processes (shopfloor and administration), customer orientation and lean organization. Therefore we conduct interviews on all hierarchy levels, work out weak points with the process experts and determine and interpret relevant key performance indicators.

At a special machine manufacturer, the assessment revealed important areas for action in the project management standards, in the lack of transparency regarding deadlines and other performance KPIs, and in a lack of error and improvement culture. In an optimization project lasting several months, we were able to work together with the employees of the organization to not only solve the biggest operational problems, but also to achieve a positive change in the mood and culture of cooperation.

OEE improvement by the help of agile project management

When is agile project management particularly useful?

When the goal is clear, but the way to get there is unclear!

And: when many different specialist functions are needed to achieve the goal!

A large plant of an automotive supplier regularly faces such challenges – for example, when performance KPIs such as OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) are not meeting the target. In that case, an iterative approach like Scrum helps an interdisciplinary team maintain focus and work step by step to solve the challenge in a way that delivers results.

But an organization does not always have the necessary experience. BLSG provides the ideal start-up support for this kind of situation: from the initial qualification of the project team and convincing important stakeholders, to the project setup, to accompanying the project in the role of Scrum Master. Of course, the BLSG consultants also contribute their expertise in the operations environment and thus help the team to meet the challenge.

The result is not only a sustainable solution to the problem, but also the experience gained with the agile approach – which can be used in the future for new challenges even without external support.

Agile project management to optimise delivery performance

Given a broad range of variants and high fluctuation of orders, how can a company ensure short delivery times and optimal delivery performance in order to remain highly competitive? Our client from the medical technology industry faced this challenge.

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Agile project management to design a fully automated final assembly line to manufacture a seating structure for an automotive supplier

Companies today quite rightly expect faster and better results in interdisciplinary planning teams using agile project management. However, especially in the automotive sector, such approaches must be integrated within a classic project management setting. The consultants at BLSG help to design such a hybrid approach, which – if well selected – can take advantage of both worlds.Read more